About Us

ChiroBlaze is the #1 social media management tool for customized chiropractic content in the world — that’s because there’s nothing remotely close to the type of services we offer, and because chiropractors absolutely love how easy we’ve made their social media marketing for staff members!

Most social media management companies offer you one of two expensive options: a management system without content, or limited content that requires you to infinitely pay huge fees to continue your marketing campaign. The worst part is neither of those options give you the confidence that you’ll have the right chiropractic message you want posted on social media — because they’re not chiropractors and haven’t served the profession for 25 years like our team. Other social media companies just don’t know what they don’t know, and that equates to a less-than-stellar impact on friends and followers looking to you as an authority on health and wellness.

The technology for ChiroBlaze was developed by the creative team of designers and marketing consultants from Preferred Chiropractic Doctor, America’s premier cash fee system for chiropractic patients. We’re the nation’s largest chiropractic patient advocacy organization, and we’re dedicated to making quality chiropractic care more affordable for patients with limited or no insurance. Our President and CEO, Dr. Stephen Below, is also a fourth-generation chiropractor — and it’s been his life’s mission to create products and services that help all chiropractors expand their reach and make a positive difference in the health of as many people and communities as possible. He cares. We all do. You’ll see that for yourself in our products and our one-on-one customer support.  

We’re excited about this service and hope you’ll give your staff the tools they need to successfully manage your chiropractic social media. The technology is so efficient, they’ll actually be able to schedule a whole month’s worth of multiple daily postings in as little as about fifteen minutes, or easier than that – we can do it all for you by posting at least three times a day!

If you take away one thing from the About Us page, know this: We genuinely care about enhancing the exposure of chiropractic care to communities. For every chiropractor that subscribes and publishes from ChiroBlaze, you’ll be a part of the movement to inundate mainstream marketing with the absolute best social media content to help your social circle of friends and followers make informed decisions about their health care, too.

We’re looking forward to having you come onboard. If you have questions, we’re here to help!